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9 October 2018

Le rembourrage, tout un art !

Le métier de rembourreur est encore d’actualité. Quoiqu’il est maintenant un peu plus difficile de trouver de la main d’œuvre expérimentée, les besoins et la […]

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Since 1957, RJAM’s mission has been to offer excellent customer service by efficiently meeting its customers’ needs. Beyond simply delivering a service or product, the RJAM team aims to help its customers turn their projects into successes.

Our team can offer you advice and partner with you in the development of new concepts that will improve the comfort, ergonomics, design and cost of your cushions.

The technological capabilities of our three CNC (numerical control) centres greatly increase our efficiency. We take a visionary approach, constantly pushing the boundaries for the continued development of our company.